if you're here just to be rude or annoying i just won't approve your message... or i'll change your message to something funny <3 smoochies

btw you don't need to put your email. i love y'alls nice comments i wanna kiss you all platonically


8:39am 05-21-2023

favorite song(s)/song(s) you'd recommend? (i listen to anything!)

listen to DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA
incoming pipe bomb with love
Replied on: 9:00am 05-21-2023

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOUR NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!! *KILLS YOU* Oh fuck a pipe bomb *explodes* anyway. Gives u a big yaoi kiss

9:48pm 05-08-2023
i lov yoru skins so much o_O
Replied on: 10:13pm 05-08-2023


8:53pm 05-08-2023
I AM GOING TO give you a big kiss ^_^ mwahhh
Replied on: 2:25pm 05-11-2023

awww you're so sweet!

9:04pm 05-07-2023
cait :)
hi wade!!! gives u the biggest smooch ever ily my silly /p
Replied on: 9:18pm 05-07-2023


10:53am 03-31-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust
here for an update any songs you jammed to from my list?? let me know
Replied on: 11:55am 03-31-2023

AH they were all good!! i think my favorite though was are you okay :3 and i love men i trust!! i listened to a couple of flo songs and they were pretty great, thanks for the recs!

5:16pm 03-30-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

its kinda loud but ive been listening to STYXVII a lot
HIIE I just wanted to say hi again bc I've seen you around the area i sit at, but i feel WEIRD whispering you a hi for some reason yayaya I hope youre doing well :]
Replied on: 8:26pm 03-30-2023

aw no worries i totally get it! hell i've been too nervous to whisper you too hehe, i also hope you're doing well! maybe i'll whisper you next time :3

11:48am 03-29-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

Are You Okay? by BEL
Feather by Sabrina Carpenter
All of the songs made by FLO
Meu talismã by IZA
10% by Kali Uchis, KAYTRANADA
Bloom by Raveena
here a list of songs i'd recommend
Replied on: 6:22pm 03-29-2023

awesome! thank you very much! i don't think i've heard of any of these so i'll definitely check them out!

2:10pm 03-26-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

handsome girls and pretty boys by the hoosiers !!
Replied on: 11:29am 03-27-2023

based the hoosiers are awesome

12:19am 03-14-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

buddy holly
: these emojis are so cute screams
Replied on: 12:31am 03-14-2023

watch out guys there's a weezer fan here... facts though i love the emojis

5:31am 03-08-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

isobel by bjork not my favorite song ever but i really like it
you seem literally so cool i would talk to you if i had more courage your skins are also really PRETTY that is all
Replied on: 5:17am 03-09-2023

aw thank you!! i totally get it, maybe someday we'll talk to each other, no?

7:22pm 02-08-2023
SURPRISEEEEE!!!!! hi im PINKIE PIE and i threw this party JUST for YOU !! were u surprised?? were you? were you?? HUH HUH HUHH??! well thats silly!!! what kind of welcome party would this be if it were quiet??? i mean DUHHHH ... BOORINGGG!! you see i saw you when you first got here remember? you were all HELLO and i was all "GAAASSSPPP" remember???? you see i never saw you before and if i never saw you before that meant youre new!! cuz i know everypony and i mean EVERYPONY in ponyville. and if youre new it meant you hadnt met anyone yet and if you havent met anyone yet you must not have any friends and if you dont have any friends then you must be lonely and that made me so sad and i had an idea!!! and thats why i went "GAAASSSSSPPP" i should throw a great big ginormous super duper spectacular WELCOME PARTY and invite everyone in ponyville!!!! see?? and now you have LOTS and LOTS of friends!!!!
2:43pm 01-24-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

Vermilion by slipknot
I love ur Sayaka pony!!! I'm sobbing!! /pos
Replied on: 2:59pm 01-24-2023

ahhh thank youu!! and i'll def have to listen to that, been meaning to listen to more slipknot

7:21pm 01-23-2023
uh, connor or tom ^^

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

i don't have a favorite song but i do have a song recommended! It's, rolling girl! you can search it up on youtube and i think it will show.
HIHIHIHIHI, uh i like your skin, we saw the wilbur skin in pony town and I like it ^^ in the safe server btw, but I was to scared to go up to you or talk to you ;-; but i was the one in the tweek cosplay, and also

I read ur pateron n found it super cool! so i had to sign ur guestbook for fun ! anyway thats all! buebyebeybeye
Replied on: 8:26pm 01-23-2023

ohhh yeah rolling girl is good!! and thank you!! so sorry, i've been super offtab, but i really appreciate it!!

4:18pm 01-23-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

Don't really have one that's my favorite!
I really love your characters. They are GORGEOUS<33 :crown: I AM in your dni area, (14. Turning 15 quite soon!! January 29th!!) and I somewhat hope we could be friends in the near future!! Great day to you!!
Replied on: 4:23pm 01-23-2023

happy early birthday kiddo!! and thank you, tho i already said it in the game hehe

4:22am 01-23-2023

favorite song/a song you'd recommend?

I don't know if you like the smiths but I recommend it! If I had to give you one singular song it'd be Panic - 2011 Remaster
i read ur pateron n found it super cul so i had to sign ur guestbook anyways i hope u having a good day n everything + ur super cool !!! ^-^
Replied on: 4:32am 01-23-2023

i think i've heard one or two of their songs??? but i'll check that one out for sure!!

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